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>>> Dev: Welcome to The Crazy Math Land Itch.io Page!

>>> Description
>>> Dev: Crazy Math Land is a Texted Base Game played from the Windows Command Prompt
>>> Dev: It is a simple educational program designed to help people with Math!
>>> Dev: With the Help of the amazing T.O.M, this game is an overall great and fun experience!
>>> Dev: endDescription
>>> Console: Invalid Syntax
>>> Dev: Ok Good, it stopped
>>> Dev: Can't let them find out about S.A.M
>>> Dev: I can't get rid of him, It won't go away!!!
>>> Dev: Should I release the game and hope no-one finds out?
>>> Dev: Wait...
>>> Dev: endDescription()

Install instructions

>>> Dev: Welcome to the installation of Crazy Math Land Vr 0.1.1!!
>>> Dev: To start the game, it isn't very hard
>>> Dev: First, it is recommended that you have Administrator Access on your computer

>>> Chapter 1: Installing Python
>>> Dev: It is required that you have at least Python 3.7.0 Installed on your computer
>>> Dev: If you already have Python 3.7 or higher, You can skip this Chapter
>>> Dev: To Install Python, Please head to https://www.python.org/downloads/ and download the latest version
>>> Dev: Note: If an error ever occurs, please try to use Python 3.7.0 and see if the error still occurs, as it is the version of Python that CML was developed in
>>> Dev: Run the file and make sure that the "Install launcher for all users (recommended)" and the "Add Python 3.X to PATH" checkboxes at the bottom are checked.
>>> Dev: Continue the installation as you would with any program
>>> Dev: To make sure that python installed correctly, press the windows key and "R"
>>> Dev: Type "cmd.exe" into the Run Box
>>> Dev: The Command Prompt will open
>>> Dev: Type python to start python
>>> Dev: Enter "print('Hello World')" exactly as typed there (But without the " marks)
>>> Dev: If Hello World is returned, Python has installed correctly
>>> Dev: If not, look up a guide for how to install Python online

>>> Chapter 2: Opening Crazy Math Land
>>> Dev: To open Crazy Math Land, you first have to locate the folder the "crazyMathLandDemo.py" file is contained in using Windows Explorer
>>> Dev: Once found, Hold down the "Shift" key and Right-Click
>>> Dev: A Pop-Up Menu should appear
>>> Dev: Select "Open command window here"
>>> Dev: The Command Prompt will open
>>> Dev: Enter "crazyMathLandDemo.py" into the window and press enter
>>> Dev: Note: If you have renamed the "crazyMathLandDemo.py" File, enter the name of that file instead of "crazyMathLandDemo", but still keeping the ".py" on at the end

>>> Chapter 3: Resetting Crazy Math Land
>>> Dev: To reset CML, head to your AppData Folder
>>> Dev: If you do not know how to access your AppData Folder, please follow the guide below:
>>> Dev: https://kb.wisc.edu/page.php?id=27479
>>> Dev: Then press the Windows Key and "R" and type %appdata% into the Run Box
>>> Dev: Navigate to the CML Folder
>>> Dev: Once in the CML Folder, to reset the game, delete the data.cml file when the game is NOT running

>>> Chapter 4: Errors
>>> Dev: If an error occurs while you are playing the game, Please contact me on Discord (Matthew06jordan#2002) or on Twitter (@Matthew06jordan)


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